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Social media management

The relevance of social networks today is undeniable. The presence in them establishes a remarkable increase in visibility, improvement of the brand, increase of traffic on the web, creates direct links of communication with customers, helps us to better study the market and creates a common community around issues of interest.

We offer the management of all social networks together with a personalized strategy related to the vision and objectives of each institution. In addition, within this service, we include e-mail marketing, videomarketing, blogs, podcast, webinars, reports, among others.

Corporate Communication

We carry out a personalized communication strategy for the promotion of institutions, events, products, brand consolidation, etc. We set the needs and objectives to design an appropriate strategy, using all available channels and tools.


The adoption of text-to-spoke technologies has taken on a lot of strength in recent years. The podcast, for example, is a relatively new channel of content transmission. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, by 2022 it is estimated that its number of listeners in the world is over 620 million.

We help you structure, develop and viralize your podcast program, with a focus on the community of your interest, on the different platforms that exist enabled for that purpose.

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Digital newspaper

Newspapers are the most traditional way to deliver news and news stories in any environment and society. At this time, technology allows us to access this type of content in a more agile and simple way.

The digital newspaper is the best way to save memories and the best moments of your event, keep all participants informed of what is happening and invite different brands and institutions to plan.

We make the journalistic covering of your event or congress through interviews with participants and lecturers, photos, scientific and advertising notes, among others. By the hand of our team of professionals in social communication and journalists, we are responsible for providing an optimal covering with a quality result.

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