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The presence on the Internet is fundamental for any institution and association. An institutional web portal is the main tool to present itself to the world, to show its vision and its services. In Grupo Distribuna we have the service of design and development tailored to the web pages 100% adaptable to the mobile devices.

We also manage your website, if you already have one.

With a highly specialized and interdisciplinary team, we achieve the positioning of the page according to each case.

Audiovisual content

We develop audiovisual content for campaigns, events, marketing, among others. We understand the market in which we develop, so we focus the structure and production towards the objective actors that make up the medical sector.

We offer pre-production, production and post-production services for all types of devices and media available.

Mobile Apps

The immediacy of the information is evident at the moment of having all kinds of content within our hands. As content managers, we understand that all the ways of transmitting them are important; for this reason, we offer the development of mobile apps for Android and iOS according to the needs of knowledge transmission.

Augmented Reality

Our constant processes of innovation have resulted in what is now a reality in many of our published titles: the inclusion of augmented reality elements. This is the union of virtual elements in a representation in physical reality, which not only gives us the possibility of being disruptive by offering new features to the reader, but also brings added value to the quality of the content that users consume.

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