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Distribution by ebookmedico.com

We have the ideal portal for the distribution of digital books, since it has positioning, market penetration and wide scope. The ebookmedico.com portal has the highest security protocols in the industry and allows readers to view their books online and offline, which maximizes their use and comfort.

Portability, high storageability, cross search, permanence and fast accessibility are some of the advantages of these new content presentation options.

Conversions from form to ebook

According to Bookwire’s 2021 report on the evolution of the digital market, the growth in digital book consumption has been exponential in recent years. By 2020, 113% growth has been recorded. Every day more readers choose to purchase books in this format, which is why our entire editorial background can be found in our distribution portal in different formats.

We have the service of digital conversion to ePub 3 and 4 formats according to the standards of the sector.

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