Virtual educationDevelopment of virtual education

Pedagogical adaptation of content

The process consists initially of analysing the material developed by experts on a topic, either in slide presentations format (for previous training processes or for dissemination events), chapters of books, videos or texts in general on a specific topic.

The next step is to modify and reorganize the content to achieve an appropriate structure, and thus to undertake the learning process based on pedagogical principles, which ensure the effectiveness and satisfaction of the participants.

Finally, the key elements needed to carry out the training process successfully are developed. These can be visual elements of support, targeted interactions, challenges and assessments.

Illustration and instructional design

In this process, a graphic design professional, with experience in the development of elements for training or learning processes, develops the training materials that were structured in the development and planning phase of the contents of the learning program.

In the case of a virtual learning environment, these documents specify exhaustively the interactions, steps, transitions, animations and other components that must have the appropriate contents pedagogically. These general indications received by the designer are also known as formative metaphors.

Custom platforms

It is based on the development and adaptation of customized virtual environments to share all kinds of programs or academic content. The platform allows to activate and manage the accounts of each participant, manage the complementary material of the classes (PDF, videos, photos), generate progress reports, among others.

With our line of research of the IT team (new technologies), we achieve the parameterization and adaptation of the developments to the average of the requirements of our clients, and we continually appropriate and incorporate new resources that enrich technically and methodologically the final result.

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